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When it comes to managing archives and heritage, you need a safe pair of hands.

It’s safe to say that if you’re reading this, you’re passionate about preserving heritage. Whether that’s a sporting archive, museum collection or even managing an archive service – you’re here because you’re looking for advice or support for a treasured historic or cultural collection.

You’re in the right place.

Meet Janice

I’m here to help. My name is Janice Tullock and since 2006, I’ve been a freelance archive consultant. I’m a fully qualified archivist who has worked with a variety of clients in all manner of industries. I’ve also established great relationships with experienced associates who are able to offer complementary skills to my clients.


My careful approach and vast experience have helped me build a great reputation in the industry. I’ve been an expert advisor and mentor to the National Heritage Lottery Fund since 2001 and I’m also a Fellow of Clore Leadership Programme. I was also in the first cohort of Fellows of the Archives and Records Association. In 2019, I was appointed to the UK Archive Service Accreditation Committee.


“Janice brought a level-headedness to this creative mix. She was efficient and professional. Her experience, especially in consulting with audiences and in layout and content of our activity plan, filled in our gaps in expertise. I was really happy with Janice’s responsiveness and ability to see our vision and to offer constructive advice, support and criticism”

Arike Oke, Rambert Archive, October 2015 (Activity Plan)

It’s been a pleasure working with you and Emma in what could have turned out to be a much more stressful situation!


Many thanks for the review; it is simply great, so constructive and with very many valid and helpful pointers.  We are quite delighted with your feedback and will address all these issues with the application.

Catherine Clark, Area Archivist, Cumbria Archives Service, May 2013

We benefitted from a huge depth of knowledge, and insight from Janice.  Your honesty, challenge and experience were absolutely superb – you have massively helped us understand our collections, their significance, condition and potential.   Being able to supply documents which help clearly evidence our need for future funding bids is also especially helpful and hopefully made our investment even more worthwhile.  Also we have benefitted from the introductions you have made for us.

Clare Freeman, Director, Natural History Society of Northumbria. March 2021

I am pleased with how it has shaped up … the project has real potential to reach out and generate new audiences as well as support lots of worthwhile local organisations and initiatives. Overall this looks like a quality and evidence-based Activity Plan which should meet HLF’s criteria for outcomes for people and communities as well as the heritage itself.

Project Director, HLF funded project, January 2019.

We met with Wellcome today to review the reports you both created and to discuss their impact on our plans. I just wanted to let you know that they were both very well received by Wellcome and really helped us develop the conversation. We’ve got a job to do now put together the revised project plan, but it feels really exciting. Thank you do much for your contribution to this work, I really value the work you did for us and your understanding of the place we’re at with GMCDP in terms of doing more inclusive archive work

Larysa Bolton, Service Delivery Specialist - Archives and Heritage, Archives+, Manchester Central Library, August 2020

Your consultancy service provided quick, comprehensive and clearly written report and recommendations for our consideration. The scoping assessment and recommendations are recognised as a key watershed in safeguarding and improving the management of our archival collection for the future and has given the Club an authoritative view on which to base its future plans.

Chris Moore, Chairman, RLGC Heritage Committee, March 2019.

I think the practice was first rate and I was grateful that the presentation of the findings and then the compilation of the written report were accomplished to quite challenging timescales. I was particularly pleased with the way that feedback from the presentation and interim report was incorporated into the final report where appropriate.

Helen Workman, Director of Learning Resources & University Librarian, Oxford Brookes University, August 2017.

It’s been monumental, inspiring and (mostly) fun!

Sarah Wickham, Project Director, Heritage @ Huddersfield, May 2013. (Activity Plan)

Janice would be a strength to any project, she understands the local government context, heritage funding environment and has a wealth of knowledge of the sector archive sector. Janice and her colleagues are diligent, started work quickly and kept to timescales. We would be very happy to work with JTA again.

Sabina McGing, Project Manager, Durham History Centre Project, September 2019

Having the opportunity to work with Janice was very inspiring for the development project participants. Her experience with a multitude of projects and ways of delivering the ‘consultation and engagement’ in the development stage was invaluable. Janice was able to deliver the variety of tasks and be reactive to the help we needed that was essential to help us complete on time. There was a Mary Poppins quote though ‘practically perfect in every-way’ !!!

Fiona Whitfield, Senior Merseyside Conservation Officer, The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside.

Thank you so much for the report. It has been very useful in terms of highlighting the importance of a clear investment from the company…. we are really pleased with the report. It’s very clear and I have shared it with the CEO and Board to (hopefully) enable us to safeguard budget for an archivist post moving forwards. Many thanks for all your work and expertise!

Leanne Kirkham, Director of Learning, Northern Ballet November 2017

When we first spoke in January, we could not have imagined the challenges that lay ahead, so I am grateful that you stuck with the project despite those challenges and produced such a helpful report. When I asked you to take the project on, I knew there was a lot for us to do. What we needed was an objective and professional external reviewer to make the points that you have made and to give us a plan for the future. The clarity in your report and that nascent plan will help me to make the case across the university that we should be doing better with our archive. It will be our guide going forward.

Andrew Barker, Director of Library Services & Learning Development, Lancaster University, September 2020

Both Activity Plans were delivered to time and within budget, and with excellent feedback from HLF.  Janice is a skilled facilitator, acting as a critical friend but in a supportive manner to encourage staff and audiences to have high ambitions for projects.

Project Director, HLF funded project, January 2019.

What you have achieved this week is nothing short of miraculous! Thanks so much.


Thank you for your work on the analysis of the Archive Service consultation which I received earlier this week at the Project Board. It is an excellent piece of work which I am aware that you turned around incredibly quickly. It is really clear and very well presented. All of the Board were very impressed and it certainly made our job very straightforward in terms of agreeing recommendations and next steps.

Janene Cox OBE, Commissioner for Tourism and the Cultural County, Staffordshire, September 2015.

Janice’s expertise and guidance were absolutely invaluable. We asked Janice to help with our recruitment process because we knew we needed someone with knowledge of the archiving sector, and Janice very clearly has this. We had worked with her before and knew that she would bring a wealth of experience and a professional and efficient approach to her work. Moreover, we felt that Janice really cares about the projects she takes on. We were delighted to work with Janice, and really pleased to have her input and guidance. She was also really sensitive about stepping back to let us make our own decisions as an organisation when necessary.

Hannah Morrow, Development and Outreach Manager, IMS Prussia Cove.


When you work with Janice Tullock Associates, you’re working with our friendly, expert team. We’ll listen to your needs and then work out a way to deliver the most efficient services possible. Our team of associates have complementary skills that come together to form a comprehensive archivist and heritage planning resource, including: 


  • Audience development
  • Evaluation
  • Activity planning
  • Archive cataloguing
  • Digital preservation
  • Interpretation 

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