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Helping you manage collections, get people involved and make your heritage services more engaging

If you’re looking for help in cataloguing or managing any cultural or heritage collection, you’re in the right place.

Our services include specialist archive consultancy, support for museums, National Lottery Heritage Fund application assistance as well as expert training and workshops for archivists and amateur collectors alike.

What we do

We’re specialists in preserving, cataloguing and providing access to collections with historic or cultural significance. Our work includes archive consultancy, support for museums, training, workshops and support for those applying to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

If you’re dealing with a collection, you’ll likely benefit from one or more of our services below.

Archive Consultancy

Working with an external archive consultant means benefitting from a depth of multi-sector experience which can be rare to find in-house. Our archive consultancy service works on bespoke projects such as cataloguing backlogs, assessment of the needs and potential of both public and private collections and appraisals for future management of collections.

Museum & Cultural Sector Support

Our team has extensive experience in supporting and promoting the heritage of museum, library and cultural venue collections. Museums in particular often have significant collections which all require different levels of support including appraisal, cataloguing and maintenance/care. We also help develop audiences in order to bring new visitors to your museum.

Training & Workshops

Work in the heritage and culture sector is often niche and archivists can always benefit from working with each other. Our team brings in outside experience and can help either strengthen your own skills or bring something new to the table. Our training and workshops include specialist collection management skill training for archivists as well as archive training for less experienced community groups or teams.

Heritage Lottery Fund Application Support

Looking for support when applying for the National Heritage Lottery Fund? You’re in luck – Janice has been an expert advisor and mentor for the National Heritage Lottery Fund since 2001. This means you’ll benefit from an inside view and get unparalleled support on your application.

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