Archivist Training & Workshops

Training, courses and workshops for the heritage community

Whether you’re an archivist looking to expand your knowledge or enhance specific skills or you’re a community group who need the training to be able to manage a collection, we’re here to help. 

Janice Tullock Associates can deliver experienced training and workshops to archivists, community groups and museum staff around collection management, access and even funding applications. 

Archivist Training and Skills Development

Archivists are always learning – that’s the nature of our job. Our team can help you or your own team expand their knowledge and skills thanks to our external experience in all manner of sectors.

From cataloguing vast collections through to the interpretation and access of precious cultural archives, we have worked across community organisations, heritage venues and national museums.

We also specialise in training archivists in community engagement and audience development – helping you attract more visitors and interest in your work. 

Archive Care & Management Workshops

Need more knowledge around handling archives and keeping them safe, secure and well-catalogued? Our archive care workshops can teach the care and management of archives and collections to community groups, individual collectors and archivist teams who want to build their skills. 

We can arrange workshops to suit your team or organisation’s schedules – so get in touch to learn more.   

Engaging People With Archives

Bringing new eyes to your collection can be great for bringing attention, revenue or just interest to your heritage organisation. Learn how to attract new audiences to your archives and collections with our training and workshops.

We also go beyond just attracting new audiences and help your visitors engage with them – leading to more interest in your archive and ultimately turning new audiences into knowledge advocates. 

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