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Archives, for some people, are an afterthought – something you assume someone else is handling so that you don’t have to. That is, of course, until problems occur!

For our team, managing, cataloguing and expanding archives and heritage collections is anything but – it’s a passion! Janice has been working in archive consultancy for many years across a wide range of sectors from mining to music – giving her a breadth of experience hard to find anywhere else.

As a freelance consultancy team, Janice Tullock Associates can help you catalogue, appraise and manage collections of any size and from any sector – with work in everything from amateur boxing associations through to some of the UK’s National museums.

Project Development

Working in heritage means promoting the culture and history of individuals, organisations and places. Often, however, organisations that own collections don’t know how to manage their projects’ archive/heritage elements.

We can consult and devise plans to get the most from your collection. From helping you catalogue and manage it, all the way through to promoting it to the public, we’ll help you ‘use’ your collection to add value to the heritage sector and your organisation .

Examples include working with Yorkshire Water to compile and catalogue historical engineering schematics and drawings for community access through to working with South London Gallery to display heritage Fire Station archives.

Archive Appraisals & Cataloguing

Collections can feel overwhelming without professional assistance. First, we’ll assess your collection, identifying both the needs and opportunities it provides. From here, we can appraise the scope of your collection and build a comprehensive picture of what level of cataloguing, care and improvement must be done to secure the collection.

Our work here includes assessing individual holdings such as those held by entertainment and sporting professionals as well as charities, public societies, businesses and museums.


Struggling with a vast collection that needs to be brought under control? We created the industry-standard methodology for cataloguing collection backlogs known as Logjam – so we’re perfectly suited to cataloguing and appraising any type of archive. Our work includes projects for Edinburgh and St Andrews University, amongst other internationally renowned institutions.

Research & Evaluations

Our research services offer quick, independent evaluations that deliver clear results and recommendations. We are experienced in managing research projects and consulting with partners, stakeholders, and opposition groups to provide real improvements.

Does your organisation need research?

Many research projects are held to establish new methodology or frameworks that help organisations and collections improve their processes. This includes projects such as evaluating the potential of an Ancestral Tourism service in West Yorkshire and reviewing the management processes that govern collections held by the Natural History Society of Northumbria .

Simply put, the research work we carry out enables organisations to discover better ways to manage existing archives and evaluate the potential for new projects.


Developing New Audiences

Heritage and cultural organisations often have distinct audiences, but lack the means to attract new ones. Working with an archive consultant grants you an external perspective that can help shape new thinking around building audiences.

We’ll discuss your current audience, identify potential new customers and plan service changes and developments to attract these user types. Many of these projects will require funding – which we will assist with writing full funding proposals and associated documentation such as activity planning.

Funding Applications

Going from idea to convincing grant application requires external scrutiny.

When you’re trying to attract funding around archives, it pays to work with someone who has experience in both assessing and applying for grants. We’ve personally been on both sides, so we can support you with funding applications and guide you from idea to finished proposal.

For larger organisations with internal applications, our service as an external pair of eyes helped ensure all proposals meet independent standards.

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