Museum and Cultural Sector Support

Assisting Britain’s museums with fundraising, audience development and archiving

Britain’s museums are full of rich history and cultural treasures. As with any collection, managing them efficiently or attracting visitors to them can be difficult without support. 

That’s where we step in! 

With vast experience in archive management, Janice Tullock can also offer expert assistance to museums and cultural organisations across the UK. We work with specialists to engage with National Museums in the cataloguing, appraisal and management of archives. We also work in the wildlife and landscapes sector, with work including developing a plan for Lancashire Wildlife Trust to encourage local involvement in nature. 

If you work in the museum sector, contact us today to see how we can help you with archive services, audience development or funding applications. 

Activity Plan Consultant

Our team have been advisors for the National Lottery Heritage Fund for many years, so we are well placed to help museums and cultural organisations achieve the right project design to satisfy funding criteria. This includes building a picture of where your organisation currently is, how you’ll engage with audiences and which actions will lead to the greatest impact. 


Get in touch today if you’re already considering the Heritage Fund process or you’d like to learn more. 

Research and evaluations

Our main archive consultancy page discusses our work in the cataloguing, appraisal and ongoing management of archives of all shapes and sizes – from football clubs through to land plans for utilities and even individual personalities prior to exhibiting their collection. Museums, in general, have large collections and archives which also need expert management. 

At Janice Tullock Associates, our team helps bring outside expertise and insight to your archives. We can either support existing teams in managing archives or can manage the process ourselves. Our experience also allows us to add value through plans for audience acquisition and appraisal. 

Audience Development

Museums often boast large collections which sometimes struggle to generate audience interest and help engage people in heritage. We are passionate about bringing new audiences to your collections and helping you manage them in a way that gives audiences the knowledge they need to become lasting supporters of culture and heritage. 

We are specialists in working with museums to both manage your collections/archives and then build plans which attract new audiences who will love the collections you have. Bringing more eyes to culture and history is never a bad thing – and it’s a passion we’ve been able to offer during projects for National and local museums as well as cultural organisations across the UK.  ers

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