#15YearsPlus – An Introduction & offer

#15YearsPlus – An Introduction & offer

At the start of November 2021, I reached the major milestone of 15 years in business. Over those years I’ve worked across the cultural sector, in archives, museums, dance companies, nature reserves, and libraries. I’ve worked with grant funders, charities, football clubs, private individuals, and large companies across the UK. During these projects, I’ve met wonderful people, helped to deliver fantastic projects, and preserved amazing collections.

To celebrate this milestone I’ve decided to give back to the cultural sector. Over the next year, I will be giving my time and sharing my skills in a series of activities and perhaps a few gifts. These will be targets at areas of need for the cultural sector.

Earlier this year, newly qualified archive professionals shared their difficulties in securing employment during the pandemic. Many talked about their disappointment in missing out on jobs and their lack of previous experience in recruitment. As a sole professional, I can’t offer jobs, but I can offer support and share my experience as a regular member of recruitment panels. For the next 12 months, I will offer a number of newly qualified archive professionals a mock interview for a job they have applied for. I will review their specific job and application, write interview questions and give feedback after the interview.

If you have a job you have applied for and want to take advantage of this offer, contact me ASAP via my contact form.

Keep watching these pages for details of my next #15YearsPlus activity.



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