Organising photography archives for British Deaf History Society

The British Deaf History Society (BDHS) had a set of unique photographic collections relating to people, places, institutions and groups connected to the Deaf community. Most of these had never been fully studied and were not available for research as they were uncatalogued and inaccessible.

BDHS sought expert advice on a range of areas relating to collections management and the development of the archive, particularly in cataloguing and storing collections, prior to an Archives Revealed funding bid.

Work carried out included:

  • An initial visit to the archive service/organisation to meet and interview staff and learn more about the organisation and the collection and service; as well as seeing the collection in its existing state and establishing the objectives and needs of the service.
  • Several further visits to the archive service to undertake the assessment and analysis of the collection
  • Writing of the structured analysis report about the archive collection and making appropriate recommendations for future action.
  • Delivery of a structured report, and a debriefing meeting to explain the report and advise on next steps

At the end of the project, the British Deaf History Society had a plan for the future management of their archive collections which covered collections management, cataloguing and access. This report would then be used to plan future activity and to support bids for funding.



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